Cheap Leafs Tickets

Cheap Leafs Tickets

Cheap Leafs Tickets - The Toronto Maple Leafs is one of the original six teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). Since the team was formed in the 1917, the Leafs tickets have been selling quickly because of the huge fan base of the team. The fans have the right to clamor about since the Toronto Maple Leafs have won 13 championships. They also have won 11 Stanley Cups. However, the team has not won a Stanley Cup since 1967. They are the only team from the Original Six who has not have gotten their hands on the Stanley Cup since the expansion. The last Stanley Cup win of the Toronto Maple Leafs was in 1967. Despite this, the fans still believe in their team and file up in long lines to watch the team play.

The team played in Maple Leafs Garden for 68 years before moving into Air Canada Center in 1999. The new arena has provided the Leafs fans buying the Leafs tickets a great facility to watch the game. The Leafs won their third Stanley Cup when they first played in the Maple Leafs Garden in 1931.

The Leafs have not failed to provide a great game to watch. The way they play has been enough for the fans to be satiated despite the lack of Stanley Cup win. They have played well and have acquired players that performed well in the past years. This was enough of a reason for Leafs tickets to be sold out immediately.

The team transferred to their new arena in the start of the new millennium. It was also commemorated by the Leafs first division title in 37 years. In 2003-2004, the team showed the same prowess their predecessors did and it was as if it was the time for the Leafs comeback. They also managed to have a 0.628 win percentage which is the best they had in 43 years.

The first American General Manager for the team was hired in 2008. Burke traded Seguin and Knight to get Kessel from the Boston Bruims. In 2010, Burke traded Sjostrom, Aulie and Phaneuf in exchange of Hagman, Stajan and Mayers to the Calgary Flames. They also acquired Versteeg from the Chicago Balckhawks for Stalberg, DIDomenico and Paradis. These bold moves of Burke are to have a team that would once again reign in the ice and quench their thirst for a Stanley Cup.


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